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Cleansing Foam

Get started with the exclusive cleansing foam collection of Olivia

You touched your face; does it feel dusky and oily? There, your skin needs the perfect solution against pollution. Olivia cleansing foam protects your skin from dust particles that reside in your pores and cause acne and skin problems. Not only this, our specially designed cleanser will go into the deeper layer of your skin, deeply cleanse your pores, and remove white or blackheads.


We use natural elements in our product that make it more suitable for skin and totally eliminate the chances of any side effects. Our main products are Skin Purifying Face Cleansing Foam with Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree, and Rosemary Leaf Oil; Daily Skin Boosting Face Cleansing Foam with Coffee Extract and Olive Oil; Hydrating Face Cleansing Foam with Passion Fruit; Healthy Glow Face Cleansing Foam with Dragon Fruit; and Clarifying Face Cleansing Foam with Bergamot.

Bidding farewell is more exciting when it comes to dull and dead skin….

Why does Olivia cleansing foam respond best to your SKIN?

Olivia Foaming Cleansers are excellent for cleansing your face. Plus, unlike traditional face washes, they do a lot of good for your skin. Many of these Olivia cleansers contain natural ingredients that address a specific skin concern, as well as hydrating, soothing, balancing, and invigorating properties.

Its objective is to properly cleanse your face of all makeup and grime that accumulates during the day and night. It is also designed to clean deep into the pores, ensuring that all filth is removed, leaving you with revitalized, soft, supple, and squeaky-clean skin.

Olivia For those of you who prefer to wash your face with water, the soft fluffiness of a foamy cleanser truly makes you feel like your skin is receiving a good old-fashioned clean.


The best selling Olivia's cleansing foam

Do you long for the days when you had beautiful skin? Olivia offers a variety of high-quality skincare products to help you restore your skin's natural health.

Clarifying Face Cleansing Foam with Bergamot

This supernatural blast of bergamot keeps your skin hydrated and fresh. Do you know what makes it special? It is loaded with nutrients that brighten your skin, balance oiliness, and heal acne scars. It can also remove makeup from your skin, and it works like magic.

Say hello to refreshing skin every morning!

Youthful Glow Face Cleansing Foam with Grapefruit Extract and Vitamin C

Are you tired of dull skin or dead cells? Every time you clean your face, don't you get the glow that you want? Tired of using home-made nuskas?

Olivia has the solution for dead skin!

Youthful Glow Face Cleansing Foam with Grapefruit Extract and Vitamin C is one of our most exclusive cleansing forms that cleanses your skin deeply with the natural extracts of grapefruit and an abundance of vitamin C. A Thai natural blend of grapefruit extract and vitamin C penetrates your skin, smoothly removes dead skin, and brings out the brighter glow on your face.

Daily Skin-Boosting Face Cleansing Foam with Coffee Extract and Olive Oil

Call out for coffee lovers! Your caffeine-rich skin care routine is here!

Do you know what excellence our Daily Skin Boosting Face Cleansing Foam with Coffee Extract and Olive Oil can bring to your skin?

The magical effects of coffee will smooth your skin and cure uneven skin tone. The olive, known for its healthy properties, moisturizes your skin and leaves a beautiful scent of coffee on your skin.

Exfoliation is a good exercise to do.

It's true that dead skin cells and other pollutants accumulate on your skin all year. And one of the greatest ways to keep your pores clear is to exfoliate your skin at least twice a day. To keep rashes and irritation at bay, use an olive washing foam to cleanse and eliminate impurities from your skin without hurting it.