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Revitalizing Hair Conditioner with Macadamia Oil & Banana Olivia Beauty
Moisture Lock Nourishment Hair Serum with Argan Oil Extract Olivia Beauty
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From the people

So, my name is Yogita, and I have been using Olivia products for seven-eight months now. I initially thought they only offered beauty products, but they offer a wide range of beauty and skincare products. So let me take you on my journey with Olivia. It all started with their body wash, which takes you to a whole new level when you use it. It gives you a soft texture and feels like you just had a bath. I do it at least once a day and the aromatic bathing experience takes me to a different level of freshness.

Yogita Netke

Skin Hydrating

From the people

This Kajal is a great purchase! It glides on smoothly, lasts for a long time, and is very easy to apply. I can wear it for hours without any smudging. And im a big fan of turquoise color. Highly recommended!

Kesar Doolani

Eye Lighter Kajal

From the people

Lipsticks are a must have in every girls vanity. I'm super fond of applying lipsticks and my current favourites are Olivia Beauty's newly launched Liquid Love Lipsticks. They come in so many shades, have smooth application and are highly pigmented. The best thing is that they don't dry out your lips and last very long. Hence i highly recommend these lipsticks. Perfect for all skin types and all occasions

Shreya Agarwal

Liquid Love Lipstick

From the people

I bought this after watching your Instagram post @oliviabeauty_india The foam that pumps out of the bottle generously covered my face. The bristles were soft on my skin, gently exfoliating and giving a good massage. I choose grapefruit+ vitamin C variant. It had a sweet fragrant. I felt refreshed and relaxed after using it. I would highly recommend everyone to try it

Payel Poddar

Skin Purifying

Olivia is your number-one remedy for skin problems!

At Olivia, we provide the best-quality products by combining natural ingredients and science. We know that too many chemicals can only harm your skin, which is why the combination of natural ingredients makes your skin healthy & naturally!



Detoxify your skin with natural fruit extracts and vitamin C.

We detoxify our bodies with fruits and sufficient amounts of water. But what about your skin? Does detoxifying remove dead skin cells? This can only be done by exfoliating. Olivia’s face wash and cleansing foam help to remove dead skin cells and bring out your bright and glowy skin.


Practice exfoliating with Olivia.

Exfoliating twice a day keeps dead skin away!

Olivia has an exclusive range of exfoliating products that have the properties of natural ingredients. The natural extracts of fruits are combined with the expertise of our experts to come up with the best product.


At Olivia, we set the bar higher!

We know that every skin has different needs, which is why Olivia works passionately to produce high-quality products that have various diversifications and varieties. We ensure that our products are 100% safe and make our customers satisfied with the results.