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Hydrating Face Cleansing Foam with Passion Fruit

Rs. 295.00

Why settle for less when you have the power to get what you want?


There’s a lot that can be said about a beauty brand. But in the present day and age, with the steady rise of the conscious consumer, nothing but actions will prove to be consequential. And that’s what Olivia has been focusing on for over 2 decades.


We believe that a brand’s true and genuine foundations lie in the principles it was brought to life on. For Olivia, ours is deeply rooted in nature and its bounty while we keep our eyes on the ever-expanding horizon of scientific and technological advancements in beauty. This foundation has evolved into a
permeative belief system that has guided us in the past and keeps steering us forward as we feed our curiosity about customer demands, market trends, and the
love of everything beautiful.

Now, we want to introduce ourselves for you to know us a bit better.

SKU: Olivia-PassFruit-CleanFoam-150ml

Passion Fruit

Clarifying Hydrating FaceCleansing Foam contains the nutritionally balanced Passion Fruit which gives your skin much-needed hydration. It reduces irritation and gives your skin a relaxing, cool-pleasant feeling.

                      Much Needed Hydration For a Happy Skin!

Frothy foam enriched with the goodness of Passion Fruit –welcome to Olivia’s Hydrating Face Cleansing Foam! Passion fruit is infused with amino acids, B & C vitamins, antioxidants, and it also has high anti-inflammatory properties. What’s more? Only the goodness of natural ingredients, no harmful colour or harmful chemicals, no soap.

Antioxidant Benefits:  Enriched with anti-oxidants

Reduces Skin Irritation: Gives skin a relaxing, cool-pleasant feeling

Hydrates & Rejuvenates Your Skin: Passion fruit gives much-needed hydration


Olivia’s Hydrating Face Cleansing Foam is infused with Passion Fruit. A rich source of Vitamin C, amino acids, piceatannol, and other nutrients, it is bliss for your skincare. It hydrates your skin and keeps it fresh and rejuvenated.


  • This cleansing form is a rich source of Piceatannol, which is known to produce collagen, a protein that prevents your skin from sagging and gives it a plump and youthful look.
  • Having antioxidant properties, it protects your skin’s surface from the damage caused by free radicals and other harmful effects of pollution.
  • The moisture balancing cleanser effortlessly gives your skin the hydration it requires and brightens your complexion.
  • It also contains various amino acids like threonine, glycine, arginine, and many more that have anti-ageing benefits and promote younger-looking skin.



  1. Wet your face with warm water.
  2. Massage the foam all over your face and neck to cleanse your skin.
  3. Rinse off the cleansing with warm water.
  4. Pat dry your face.



How often should I use this facial foam?

You can use it twice daily - once in the morning and then at night.

How is it different from a skin toner?

A skin toner balances the pH levels of your skin while this cleanser thoroughly cleanses and hydrates your skin, giving you a youthful glow.

Can I use this cleanser if my skin is sensitive?

Yes. In fact, it works the best on dry and sensitive skin.

From when can I see the desired results?

In the case of natural products, you can get the desired results after consistent usage. Hence, we recommend using this cleanser for 1-2 weeks consistently and you’ll be able to get results.