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Welcome to the world of Olivia Beauty!

From Natural Ingredients to Radiant Results: Olivia Beauty’s Journey

Unveiling the Secret to Perfectly Glowing Skin with Olivia Beauty

Hello avid readers and beauty lovers,

We are here to kick-start our blogging journey! We are incredibly passionate about beauty and can't wait to share our passion with you! This blog will share more than just the story of how and when we started the business. We are here to feed your beauty needs and desires and inspire you to give that TLC to your skin, hair and makeup for all occasions. Every Indian woman has heard about us at some point in their beauty journey. But did you know Olivia Beauty was the first homegrown Indian company to introduce Herbal Bleach to consumers? There you have it! Now you know! Continue reading to discover more amazing facts.

Olivia Beauty, as the name implies, is a beauty company that delves into the depths of natural resources and harnesses them using modern science and technology. When we started our operations in 1987, we focussed on giving the consumers products tailored to their specific needs. The exotic fruit Olive inspired the brand name, which reflects our deep ties to nature and our unwavering commitment to our beliefs. For over three decades, we have constantly reinvented and continued to redefine the beauty business.

As a brand, we believe in the power of beauty. We believe beauty is not a colour, a shape or a size. It is what you feel and experience. Beauty is how you live and what you live by. We believe in beauty in its original form; thus, our tagline, "Beautiful, the way I am." stands for what we want every woman to feel. What sets us apart from other natural beauty brands is its ability to bring niche beauty ingredients within reach of the everyday girl. Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful; we design products to make this a reality. We strive to create products representing the modern woman.

These four pillars form the foundation of our brand:

  • Consumer Centricity
  • Extensive R&D
  • Safety
  • Efficacy

We focus everything we do on the needs of the customer. As a result, our company attracts a wide range of customers. We've always underlined the importance of extensive research and development, safety, efficacy, and customer focus. Our R&D team is highly dedicated to developing solutions to consumer concerns to ensure customer safety, efficacy, and cost. We have created safe products with significant outcomes based on these four foundations. 

Our Mission Statement:

"Why settle for less when you have the power to get what you want!"

Olivia is a brand that believes in the power of being yourself. We recognise you deserve to look and feel your best at any age, and we have a unique and successful approach to the beauty business. As a result, we've developed safe, effective, and reasonably priced products. Our aim is straightforward: to enable as many women as possible to feel comfortable in their skin. We are highly dedicated to offering quality products at reasonable prices while ensuring all our customers access the best products.

In a recent conversation with our Directors, Irfan Memon and Asif Memon, they stressed the importance of providing our customers with exceptional product experiences every time we launch new items. "We strive for perfection in our products' functionality and visual appeal, as well as the quality of our packaging. Our staff is quite proud of their work, and we are glad to say that Olivia satisfies global standards. We stay committed to keeping up with the current beauty trends and strive to be the chosen beauty brand for people of all ages."

(In frame: Directors of Olivia Beauty, Irfan Memon and Asif Memon)

Our Product Portfolio consists of the following:

  • Skincare
  • Personal care
  • Haircare
  • Colour Cosmetics
  • Professional Range

While it may be challenging to keep up with everything we do, we provide you with the finest and most effective products for your skin, body and hair every year. We've stocked our Range with everything you need for flawless beauty, no matter how hectic your schedule is. From our best-selling body wash to hair conditioner to the makeup stick, each product offers something different to the consumer. This ensures our customers receive only the best quality products at affordable prices without compromising performance or quality! 

So, if you're looking for a beauty brand that puts you at the centre of everything it does and believes in delivering results without compromising safety, then Olivia is the brand for you. Join the Olivia family today! We sincerely hope you thoroughly enjoyed the read and took away more knowledge about the company. Our future blogs will include educational content, tips and tricks and a better understanding of your favourite skincare, haircare and body care products and ingredients. We hope to make your every read worth every second. Watch out for our upcoming blog, and follow us on all our social media accounts so you don't miss a beat.

Team Olivia

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