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Sheet Mask

Our sheet mask is ready to give a blast of hydration!

Sheet mask is the innovative and creative way to moisturize your skin for the whole week by just placing a sheet cover on your face for just 5 to 10 minutes. Isn't it exciting?


Olivia has brought to you the best collection of sheet masks that will brighten and moisturize your skin for every occasion. You just need to unseal your Olivia face mask and make yourself pamper.

Our best selling sheet marks are Rejuvenating Sheet Mask with Strawberry and Vitamin C, Anti-Aging Sheet Mask with Papaya and Licorice Extract, Revitalizing Sheet Mask with Honey and Royal Jelly, and Antibacterial Sheet Mask with Aloe Vera and Green Tea.

What  is a sheet mask? 

A sheet mask is constructed of a thin fabric (such as cotton, rayon, gel, or foil) that has been soaked with active chemicals and is packaged individually. It is applied by aligning the mask's holes with your eyes and mouth, then smoothing it along your face's features. 

They are typically intended to be worn for 10 to 20 minutes - any longer can potentially parch the skin. (When the mask dries, it will want to reclaim the moisture it just gave to your skin.) The fundamental element in any sheet mask is water, but additional moisturizing and/or active chemicals are added to infuse moisture and vital nutrients into the skin. 

Why should you consider Olivia’s sheet mask?

Sheet masks have a higher concentration of moisturizing substances than other treatments, and the fabric, which molds to your face, keeps them in place, preventing ingredients from evaporating. The Revitalising Sheet Mask with Honey and Royal Jelly replenishes the skin's moisture barrier while protecting it from environmental aggressors that dry it out. 

Because sheet masks absorb so much product, your skin will look brighter, dewier, and feel renewed and rejuvenated as soon as you remove it. The Strawberry and Vitamin C Rejuvenating Sheet Mask provides a concentrated dose of Vitamin C Ester, which is a more effective, stable, and easily absorbable version of the antioxidant powerhouse vitamin C.

This mask contains Vitamin C, which brightens the skin while also smoothing small wrinkles and eliminating discolouration. Copper tripeptide, a naturally occurring molecule of three amino acids that makes skin appear tighter and smoother, is also included in the mask.  

Put one in your carry-on to prevent your skin from becoming parched during a lengthy flight. Or treat yourself while working from home — with your Zoom camera turned off. The Anti-Aging Sheet Mask with Papaya and Licorice Extract comes in two parts for quick and easy application, and the mask grips the face to keep it from slipping about. 

This means you can wear it while cooking, cleaning, working, or doing practically anything else without fear of it falling off.  

Gently massage the edge of the sachet to disperse the formula evenly over the mask before carefully opening the container. Remove the mask from the sachet by gently separating the top and bottom halves, then unfolding each piece. Apply each piece to a clean, makeup-free face and leave on for 20 minutes. After removing the mask, massage any remaining formula into your skin to add radiance. There is no need for rinsing or cleaning.