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Face Wash

No more dirt with Olivia’s  Natural Ingredient Body Wash!

Do you hate summers? Please dont tell us the main reason behind it is the oily, sweaty and acne prone skin!


Summer is all about brightness. It brings a new ray of light in which we enjoy beautiful delicacies. Lemon water, ice cream, cute swimwear and the best part is thanda thanda tarbuj ;)

How about we tell you we bring the summer-friendly ingredients in our products. Our products which are delicately designed for your precious skin are the richness of aloe vera, cucumber, pomegranate, milk, almonds and lavender.

Want to feel nourished and refreshed with exclusive range?

Olivia body washes are rich in moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients. They give appropriate nourishment to the skin, which aids in its softness and suppleness. It does not allow the skin to dry after a shower.

Using Olivia body wash will enable the skin to retain moisture for a longer period of time without over-cleaning it, resulting in nourished and healthy skin.

Unlike other skin cleansing products, body wash produces a lot of lather, allowing you to have a pleasant bath. When accompanied by a bath sponge, a lather bath can become much more enjoyable.

If you only have one bathing soap in your bathroom, your skin is in grave danger. Sharing a single pub with a large group of people makes it easy to spread skin illnesses, allergies, and a variety of other dangerous disorders. Also, most soaps are kept unpacked in bathrooms, which can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria.

Olivia Body washes are neatly packaged in bottles and are available in liquid form. A piece that has been used by one person cannot be used by another. Both of these characteristics make body washes a more sanitary option than others.

Types of body washes on Olivia 

Olivia is the ideal online store for purchasing the greatest body wash. We provide a large selection of body wash for both men and women. They will leave your skin feeling soft and revitalized. At the same time, they will keep your skin's natural moisture. Shower gels come in a variety of texture and aroma combinations. Some people have oily skin, while others have dry and sensitive skin. Every skin type requires a different body cleanser.

Selecting Olivia’s best body wash according to skin type

  1. Dry skin body wash

People with dry skin should select a body wash that is suitable for their skin type. To hydrate and moisturize the skin at the cellular level, it should contain moisturising substances such as Glycerin, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter. It's also a good idea to follow up with a deep moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized for longer. Skin Hydrating Body Wash with Nourishing Almond and Milk is the best body wash for dry skin.

  1. Oily skin body wash

People with oily or acne-prone skin should use a body wash that removes excess oil and toxins from their skin pores. This type of body wash may contain salicylic acid or tea tree oil. After that, apply a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin nourished but not oily.Tone Brightening Body Wash with Pure Curcumin Extracts is the best body wash for oily skin.

  1. Normal (or combo) skin body wash

If you have normal (or mixture) skin, you have more options in this scenario. Choose one that falls midway between the two extremes and is thus either oil-free or gives intense moisturization. If you have hyperpigmentation difficulties, you should look for the finest body wash for bright skin that contains Vitamin C. Skin Soothing Body Wash with Aromatic Kaffir Lime is the best body wash for combination skin.

Olivia- your shopping destination for Body wash!

A proper body wash will hydrate and nourish your skin, keeping it radiant and healthy. So, what are you holding out for? Visit Olivia right away to see our extensive selection of shower gels that will leave your skin soft and silky.