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Hydrate and Protect Shampoo with Pea Protein | 200ml

Rs. 170.00

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Why settle for less when you have the power to get what you want?


There’s a lot that can be said about a beauty brand. But in the present day and age, with the steady rise of the conscious consumer, nothing but actions will prove to be consequential. And that’s what Olivia has been focusing on for over 2 decades.


We believe that a brand’s true and genuine foundations lie in the principles it was brought to life on. For Olivia, ours is deeply rooted in nature and its bounty while we keep our eyes on the ever-expanding horizon of scientific and technological advancements in beauty. This foundation has evolved into a
permeative belief system that has guided us in the past and keeps steering us forward as we feed our curiosity about customer demands, market trends, and the
love of everything beautiful.

Now, we want to introduce ourselves for you to know us a bit better.


Live in a happy hair daze all day with Olivia’s uniquely crafted Hydrate & Protect Shampoo. A blend of pea protein and hydrolyzed keratin, the formula leaves your hair lush, hydrated, and shiny. The keratin protein also strengthens your hair from within and repairs its natural structure. What’s more? True to its name, it also protects your hair from external factors like pollution and dirt. So, incorporate the goodness of Olivia’s Hydrate & Protect Shampoo in your hair care regimen and let every day be a good hair day!


  • Hydrolyzed keratin present in this shampoo increases hair volume and offers excellent frizz protection for curly and straight hair.
  • Both pea protein and keratin are gentle on your hair and keep it strong, silky and nourished.
  • Pea protein prevents dry and damaged hair. It maintains the moisture balance of your hair and also keeps the hair roots strong.
  • This shampoo hydrates your hair and restores its natural shine, softness and strength.


Olivia’s Hydrate & Protect Shampoo comprises Hydrolyzed Keratin and Pea Protein that nourish your hair internally and also protect it from external damage such as sun exposure and chemical treatments. These ingredients boost the hydration of each strand.


  1. Wet hair with water.
  2. Take some shampoo and lather it on your hair.
  3. Massage for a few minutes and rinse off with water.


If my hair is chemically treated, can I use this shampoo?

Yes. You can apply this shampoo on colored & chemically treated hair as it does not react and protects your hair from any damage.

How does this shampoo provide frizz protection?

By hydrating and conditioning your hair, it prevents frizz and makes your hair smooth and strong.

Is this toxin-free?

Yes. Our shampoo is toxin-free, paraben-free and only has the goodness of natural ingredients.