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Olivia is a beauty brand that was brought to life in 1987. We stand on four pillars — consumer centricity, efficacy, research, and safety. In fact, Olivia was the first brand which, having itsfingers on the pulse of the beauty market and its demands, launched the first ever HERBAL face bleach in India and gained instant roaring success. Starting out, the ethos of our brand was contained in the exotic olive fruit (which inspires our name, by the way!). But over the years, through extensive research and stringent quality control, wehaverecognised and brought to use potent natural ingredients to form our current range of products which caters to the daily needs of every woman.


Olivia has come a long way since its inception. Our tireless research and customer feedback hashelped us evolve and grow to adopt to the changing tides of skincare in the contemporary world, while also being rooted. The pandemic has inspired us to push our oeuvre further and start a new chapter in our book with a brand new range of products in revised packaging that truly represents our 35 years-long journey and expertise in the beauty industry. Olivia's new bath and body range is so created to include everything your skincare vanity will require for maximum care.


Irfan Memon

“We have always tried to better ourselves and set the bar higher each time. We were the first company to launch a herbal bleach. And now, standing on the legacy of its success, we are looking to being a completebeauty brand with a wide range of products that cater to today’s consumer, who is looking for effective solutions. Our strength lies in our consumer centricity. Going forward too, we want Olivia to be relevant with the times and become the top-of-mind beauty brand across all age-groups”

Asif Memon

“We are always pushing the envelope in relation to newer products and packaging. Our consumer has a plethora of choices to pick from...they have access to international beauty trends...so we needed to go a notch higher and offer something unique, to cater to this audience effectively. Olivia, at par with global standards!"