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Cool breeze, early sunsets, and warm coffee moments – winters are indeed worth looking forward to. Yet, amidst the tiny seasonal joys lie the worries of encountering damp, dry skin. After a well-spent day, sliding your fingertips down your rash skin might get frustrating.

Here are some simple hacks that could save your skin. And your day too!

Short showers for long-lasting glow

Studies show that 5-10 min. showers in lukewarm water can help your skin keep its inherent charm throughout the season.

The most touched-upon skin care advice
Washing your hands frequently through multiple intervals would keep your skin free of dirt and damage.

Gift your skin liveliness
Exfoliating your skin is a great way to get rid of dead cells. Use an exfoliating mask on your arms, face, and very gently on your lips, if required.

Wear cozy, comfortable clothes
Avoid your skin’s direct contact with wool and rough clothing. This can cause dry skin to get irritated and itchy.

No more dry days this winter
Keeping yourself hydrated can assist your skin in retaining moisture even during winter.

Try the Olivia Honey-Almond Moisturizer

Honey Almond Moisturizer

Packed with the moisturizing power of honey and softening magic of almond, our Honey-Almond Moisturizer restores your skin’s ideal moisture balance.

Don't forget your feet
Ensure that you exfoliate your feet regularly so that more moisture is absorbed.

Lastly, a tip for your lip

Lip Balm


Licking sore lips will only amplify the winter dryness. Ensure that you apply effective ointments at all times – especially before consuming drinks and food. Olivia's Lip Balm can help. 

Do check out our Winter Care range, too.

Tell us, beautiful people, what tips are you following this winter?